Ford, Huff back for must-win Raiders game


If there’s anything besides penalties the Raiders have racked up this year, it’s injuries.

For a team whose playoff hopes are riding on this weekend’s performance, it behooves Oakland to have as few dudes on the booboo bench as possible.

Fear not, Raider Nation.

Receiving phenom Jacoby Ford and safety Michael Huff rejoined practice Wednesday, working with teammates towards a must must MUST-win game at home versus the Chargers this Sunday.

An optimistic Huff said that he feels the healthiest he has since the beginning of the season. Encouraging, especially since the Raids are going to need him this weekend to battle a Philip Rivers-led offense with a lot to prove.

Ford has been out with a foot injury since the last time Oakland and San Diego met back on November 10. But despite being limited in practice, Ford was a “welcome sight” as he stretched with teammates and ran routes, and told SFGate that “even if I’m not 100 percent I’m willing to help my team any way I can.”

Again, encouraging. Especially since this game is going to be an absolute nail biter for the 8-7 Raiders, who have to beat the Chargers in order to make the playoffs.

(And it wouldn’t hurt if the Bengals and the Dolphins, or Titans, lost this weekend as well.)

Having Ford back would definitely give passing options to Carson Palmer, who commented that “it was great” to see Ford in Wednesday’s practice.

And Huff’s return will help beef up Oakland’s D, who was missing defensive tackles John Henderson and big bad Richard Seymour on Wednesday. While Henderson missed practice due to knee troubles, a sick Seymour will hopefully be healthy come Sunday to contribute to a Raider victory.

Now, if only getting Ford and Huff back healthy also ensured that the Broncos were going to lose.





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