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Occupy just about any place you want

A group of San Francisco activists has fired the latest salvo in the public, non-permanent miniature Occupy movement.

Green foam squeeze toys imprinted like Occupy tents sprung up around downtown this week, at one point temporarily occupying a block of Bank of America ATMs and a newsrack near the Powell Street cable car turnaround.

While the global Occupy effort plans their next incursion against the one percent, you and your laser printer can take a stand against just about anything you want with the world’s smallest Occupy installation.

Exercise your right to free speech in an expressive yet non-permanent fashion with “99% Table Tents” by Occupy Your Lunch. Designed to occupy your table while eating, the template makes two portable table tents from a standard sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper with simple fold-and-cut instructions.

The table tents are brought to you by the same people who created OccupyYrCorner, a kit of materials to operate your own one-person protest any place you damn well please.


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