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On Sunday it’s still Golden Skate Park

It’s a tradition older than your author, and one that’s still alive and well.

The Sunday closure of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park brings all types and modes of human-powered transportation out of the woodwork, but nothing is linked more strongly to the ritual than the rollerskating at 6th and Fulton.

Local Harry Gregory put together a sweet video of roller skaters and skateboarders rolling in harmony in the Park over the weekend. If you missed it, or were locked in a cage, the weather Sunday was jealousy fodder for all of your friends back East. Harry and his pals got out there and enjoyed it, along with quite a few others from the looks of it.

If the 70s were your “go time” or you just like to lace ’em up, check out Funkytown, Tuesdays nighs at Cellspace, 2050 Bryant St. The California Outdoor Rollerskating Association puts it on along with other events all over the Bay Area.


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