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The most dangerous intersections for cyclists

Cyclists are crazy. They have no fear. They get no respect.

They swerve and veer countless times a day to avoid collisions they can’t win. To ride in San Francisco, you have to understand the risks you’re taking.

The City is becoming increasingly more crowded. There are more cars. People are always in hurry, trying to do too many things in a day. It’s a recipe for disaster.

KGO-TV obtained California Highway Patrol records, studying 11,000 reported bike accidents, mapped them and extracted that the five worst places to get hit while on a bike are in The City.

The intersection with the highest rate of accidents is Market Street and Octavia Boulevard, a major four-way crossing with cars getting on and off the Central Freeway.

A few things make this corner so dangerous.

First, drivers getting on or off 101 via Octavia like to rush across yellows or even reds to make the light. If any intersection in The City begged for a red light camera, this is it.

Second, despite prominent signs, stripes and median barriers, some drivers insist on making a illegal right turn onto 101 from eastbound Market. The downhill slope approaching this intersection means bicyclists are moving at a good clip, which makes an unexpected right turn from a car even more treacherous.

Precautions have been taken, intersections have been altered, but when cars are traveling at a high rate of speed and bikes are weaving in and out of lanes, there may never be a solution that completely solves the problem.

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