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Dolores Park community plan finalized

Throw kids, parents, dogs, dog owners, hipsters, sunbathers, drunks, drug dealers and soccer players all in a pot together, and what do you get? Dolores Park, of course.

All of the Dolores Park’s stakeholders have closely watched the community-driven planning process, trying to ensure that their little slice of paradise remains unspoiled.

Now, the final version of the community-driven renovation plan has been released. Thanks to Uptown Almanac for requesting and publishing online maps of the proposal from The City.

Some highlights:

  • No astroturf soccer fields
  • New bathroom building near 18th & Church, designed to handle 2,500 persons/day
  • A pissoir!
  • New plaza at 20th and Church, complete with “decorative paving and benches”
  • The clubhouse/bathroom building is gone, replaced by a tai chi plaza
  • Two dog play areas, one surrounded by a half-fence, one open
  • Bike polo court
  • No mobile food court within the park

The City will use the community design to formulate a final rehabilitation plan, expected in February.


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