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Sausage Slingers vs. banana hammocks in Dolores Park throwdown

Dolores Park has absolutely exploded as a chill-spot magnet over the last decade. The lazy soccer games and shit-weed dealers of yesteryear have given way to boy beach banana hammocks and just about every cool young person in The City on any given sunny Sunday.

Now, as with most popular things, people want to make some money off this large, thirsty crowd. Self-styled entrepreneurs already traverse the park’s thick crowds, hawking things like cookies and beers much like ballpark vendors.

More organized and corporate businesses — like Sacramento’s Sausage Slingers — have been rebuffed in their efforts to obtain permits for food trucks in and around Dolores Park. Neighbors complain about vandalism and noise from a park “already at its breaking point in terms of overuse.”

As a life-long, blood native of the Mission, my vote is for either Sausage Slingers or banana hammocks over drug dealers and violent drunks, who can still pose risks in Dolores Park to this day, especially between the clubhouse and the footbridge over the J-Church tracks.

A sunny Dolores Park day attracts crowds like no other park in The City. (Mik Scheper/Flickr, June 2010)
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