Dodgers need to stop pointing fingers


The Los Angeles Dodgers need to stand up and take responsibility for what happened on their property.

Seven months after Bryan Stow suffered brain damage from a beating at the hands of two Dodgers fans, both sides are pointing fingers. Only the Stow family has the right to point fingers. They are the ones that have had to endure the pain and suffering, watching their family member fight for his life.

The attorney that represents Dodgers owner Frank McCourt gave an interview to in which he asks whether Bryan Stow is partially to blame for the brutal attack that put him in the hospital.

I couldn’t disagree more. I blame the Dodgers for allowing the altercation to even take place. I blame the Dodgers for not doing more to prevent the incident from happening.

From all reports in the days following the incident, we learned that the parking lot at Dodgers Stadium was poorly lit and there was an obvious lack of security inside and outside the stadium that night.

Tom Girardi, the lawyer for the Stow family told The Chronicle:

“We have witnesses who say these guys were throwing beer at people and yelling obscenities in the stadium. But there was no security there to stop it. … Had the Dodgers had decent security, none of this would have happened.”


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