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NBA set to cancel two more weeks

With every passing day, chunks of the NBA season continue to be chipped away.

Sources believe that the league plans to cancel an addition two weeks, abandoning all games through November 28th, with the announcement coming as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday.

Day-long meetings between the players and the league haven’t brought the sides closer to a deal. The owners are proposing a 50-50 split in the Basketball Related Income, while the players are holding firm at a request of 53-47. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement that expired this summer, the players received 57 percent of the BRI.

Billy Hunter, Executive Director of the Players Association, told ESPN’s Bill Simmons that he can not meet with the owners if they refuse to come off their demand of a 50-50 split.

If the league officially cancels games through November 28th, the Warriors’ first game would be against Oklahoma City on November 30th in Oakland.

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