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Feds crack down on pot clubs in SF and statewide

Puff, puff — prison?

At least three San Francisco pot dispensary landlords have received strongly worded letters from the feds this week, threatening jail time unless they evict their tenants and close up shop within the next 45 days. These warnings are step one in a series of statewide crackdowns by federal authorities to shut down the thousands of marijuana-dealing operations in California.

The move comes after a statement from the Department of Justice in June that they’d toughen their stance against marijuana dispensaries and growers, even those operating in compliance with state laws. The updated policy is causing many to shake their heads at Obama, saying that his administration’s medical marijuana policies are worse than Bush’s.

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano called it “a tragic return to failed policies that will cost the state millions in tax revenue and harm countless lives.”


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