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Bryan Stow can speak again

Bryan Stow, shown in an undated image from

Nearly six months after being beaten within inches of his life in the Dodger Stadium parking lot, Bryan Stow has spoken his first words.

And what did he say? That he wants to see his kids.

An update on says the 42-year-old paramedic showed rapid improvement after having a shunt installed last week to improve blood flow to his brain. First, he gained strength. Then his range of movement improved. And on Wednesday, prompted by speech therapists, he first said his own name, then those of his daughter and son, Tabitha and Tyler.

On Wednesday, we were also told that Bryan had his speaking valve on his trach and when the speech therapists asked his first and last name, he said them. The ST asked what his daughter’s name was and he said, “Tabby“. She asked what that was short for and he said, “Tabitha“. She then asked what his son’s name was and he said, “Tyler“.

Today, the Speech Therapist was working with him again and asked him what his birthday was. Bryan then said, “2/12/1969”. With the valve on, he told Erin he loved her, and, while Erin was videotaping it for Bonnie, he said, “Hi,“ and “Bonnie”, when asked to say it. Also, Dave was holding up pictures of Tyler and Tabitha and Bryan said, “I would like to see them.”


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