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Help Safari West pick name for 117-pound baby bundle of legs

Giraffe lovers are being offered a tall opportunity.

Safari West, the popular safari and wildlife park in Santa Rosa, welcomed a new member of its family on Oct. 6: a 117-pound bouncing, teetering baby giraffe. The bundle of legs is the son of mother Nikki and father Kubwa.

The park said in a press release Nikki and Kubwa still haven’t decided on a name, at least one that humans can understand. So the park is leaving it up to the public.

Staff members have come up with six possibilities on which to vote: Deebo, Buster, Jarifi, Jimmy G, Curry and MattyVino.

The little big guy’s new human name will be announced just in time for baby’s first Christmas (that’s a stocking Santa may need some help filling). Go to to vote by midnight Tuesday.

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