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Santa Rosa installs new 24-hour, solar-powered public toilet

Relief has come to the citizens of Santa Rosa in the form of a new $267,795 public toilet.

The city announced the installation of the sleekly modern “Portland Loo” in front of its City Hall Annex on Santa Rosa Avenue on Monday.

Santa Rosa Mayor Chris Rogers said in a news release:

“Over the years, we have heard from residents about the need for more public restrooms in the downtown.” 

The new, solar-powered potty is a unisex, single-occupant restroom that is available free of charge 24-hours a day for anyone in need of a bathroom break.

courtesy of the city of Santa Rosa Mayor Chris Rogers and Councilmember Jack Tibbetts with the golden plunger in hand ceremoniously declare the city’s first 24-hour public toilet open and available for public use in Santa Rosa, Calif. on Monday, Aug. 30, 2021. (Photo courtesy of the city of Santa Rosa)

It is built with stainless-steel walls that are designed to be hard to deface and easy to clean, according to the city.

There is also a hand-washing station and a baby changing station on the outside of the structure, which features an open bottom and top “to help prevent crime while still providing privacy,” according to the city.

The Santa Rosa City Council approved the new toilet in June and its cost includes the purchase price, as well as transportation, utility connections, site accessibility improvements and installation, city officials said.

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