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Diploma deadline approaches for veterans, Japanese Americans who missed high school due to wars

United States veterans who weren’t able to finish high school due to military service are now able to receive those diplomas.

The deadline is Tuesday.

Operation Recognition, hosted by the Solano County Office of Education, provides high school diplomas to individuals who served in the military and Japanese American citizens.

Hispalois Bell at Angel Island State Park in the San Francisco, Calif. bay reads “U.S. Immigration Station, Angel Island. Cal. 1910.”

Honorably discharged veterans that served in World War II, the Korean War or Vietnam War are eligible to apply for a diploma.

Japanese American citizens who left high school due to internment in World War II relocation camps, and families of eligible persons who are now deceased are also eligible to apply.

U.S. Navy/Public Domain A U.S. Navy World War II veteran shows a photo of himself to several military members and personnel after the arrival of an American Airline honor flight from Los Angeles, Calif. at the Honolulu International Airport on December 3, 2016.

According to a statement from the Solano County Office of Education:

“Some veterans who served were not able to finish high school and receive their diplomas due to military service or Jim Crow laws in effect at the time. … Veterans and Japanese-American citizens now have the opportunity to be granted diplomas as a gesture of gratitude for the sacrifices they made.”

A recognition ceremony is planned for June 30.

Applications can be found at For more information, call Nikki Pacheco at (707) 399-4455.

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