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Crews extinguish multiple small fires at illegal dumping site near Oakland Coliseum

Firefighters extinguished multiple trash fires and a small structure fire Tuesday evening near the Oakland Coliseum.

The vacant parking lot off 66th Avenue has been problematic for illegal dumping, which officials say has “repeatedly occurred” at that particular property.

Oakland Fire Department Multiple fires burn at illegal dumping site off 66th Avenue in Oakland, Calif. on Tuesday, December 29, 2020.

Crews were able to contain the blazes using tank water, the Oakland Fire Department said.

Illegal dumping not only impacts Black and brown communities disproportionately, but has been a growing issue “for many years,” according to the Oakland PROUD program, a city-run campaign that gives residents tools to prevent and report unlawful dumping. The program also enlists the help of volunteers. 

People can find more information about Oakland PROUD on the city’s website

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