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Coyote bites man at Campolindo High School track

People are being warned to remain vigilant in the wake of a Friday morning coyote attack in Moraga.

About 6:30 a.m., a coyote bit a man as he was stretching at the Campolindo High School track, police said.

Another runner was able to chase the coyote away and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was alerted, according Moraga police officials.

In another incident, officers saw a coyote walking through the Rheem Center parking lot, where one person tried to feed it near the Starbucks, police said.

Police officials are reminding people to never try to feed a coyote, and if you are being followed by one, make loud noises. If that fails, people are advised to throw rocks or other things in the animal’s direction.

Also, people should remain aware of their surroundings when outside and keep small children and pets close. More information about how to avoid coyote conflicts can be found at

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