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Air district calls for 30th consecutive Spare the Air Alert

Air quality in the Bay Area is expected to remain unhealthy through most of this week due to smoke from wildfires along the West Coast, a spokeswoman for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District said Monday.

The Bay Area’s air quality will be unhealthy for all residents on Monday and Tuesday, and unhealthy for sensitive groups on Wednesday, air district spokeswoman Kristine Roselius said.

Scot Tucker / A person walks up a hill at Seal Point Park as the sky, full of particles from California wildfires is blanketed by fog, low lying clouds and little wind in San Mateo, CA., on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. (Scot Tucker /

The region may see a modicum of relief on Thursday and Friday but air quality is expected to remain hazy for the foreseeable future, Roselius said.

The BAAQMD extended its Spare the Air alerts through Wednesday, marking 30 consecutive days of alerts in the Bay Area.

Before this summer, the region’s previous record for consecutive Spare the Air alert days was 13 during the 2018 Camp Fire. During Spare the Air Alert days, burning wood and other solid fuels is illegal indoors and outdoors in the Bay Area’s nine counties.

Residents are advised to continue staying indoors whenever possible to protect their respiratory health. Vehicle and air conditioning systems should be set to re-circulate air rather than cycle in unhealthy air from outside.

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