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Thousands turn out to support Oakland Zoo on reopening day

All available tickets to the Oakland Zoo sold out for Wednesday, the first day the zoo has been open to the public since closing amid Covid-19 shelter orders in March.

Attendance was limited to 2,500 people, one-third of its capacity, to be sure visitors were safe amid the pandemic, zoo’s officials said.

Following a variance Alameda County public health officials secured earlier this month from the state, the zoo reopened for outdoor activities.

The zoo opened to the public at 10 a.m. and is in East Oakland at 9777 Golf Links Road.

Standing in the flamingo exhibit, Nik Dehejia, executive vice president of the zoo, said:

“Today is just a fantastic day for us.”

He said.

“We are thrilled. Everybody is having a really good time.”

Attendance into the foreseeable future will be limited to 2,500 people. Tickets must be purchased online at

The zoo is sold out for Thursday as well.

Zoo spokeswoman Erin Harrison said:

“People are saying they’re happy to have a place to come outdoors and have an excursion with their family.”

Dehejia said once zoo officials and the public feel comfortable, the capacity may be increased. Wednesday, everybody was complying with efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19, he said.

Dehejia said:

“We’re trying to do it safely and responsibly.”

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