The Bay Area Air Quality Management District said Tuesday that it will extend its regional air quality advisory through Wednesday because of smoke from Fresno County’s Mineral Fire and Lassen County’s Hog and Gold fires.

While the Bay Area’s particulate matter pollution is not expected to rise above the national standard for a 24-hour period, smoke from the three fires is likely to hover over the region, resulting in hazy skies.

Residents are advised to stay inside with their windows and doors closed if the smell of smoke is present outside. Motorists are also advised to make sure their car air conditioning is re-circulating to prevent smoky air from entering their vehicle.

Alert Wildfire Smoke from Fresno County’s Mineral Fire and Lassen County’s Gold and Hog fires has prompted an air quality advisory around the Bay Area through Wednesday, July 22, 2020. The Hog Fire is pictured here.

Seniors, children and people with respiratory illnesses are vulnerable to high air pollution levels and should take caution during the air quality advisory, according to the air district.

Bay Area residents can visit the BAAQMD website for real-time air quality data.

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