The Albany community is invited to participate in a remote Planning Commission study session at 5 p.m. Wednesday on formulating a plan for revitalization and future development on San Pablo Avenue.

The meeting will include discussion of building height, density, floor area ratio, transitions to residential zoning districts, vehicle parking and bicycle parking.

The city has received a grant from the State Department of Housing and Community Development to streamline housing approvals and accelerate housing production, including for affordable units. This project helps promote development consistent with the State planning priorities.

The city is directing the grant to plans for the San Pablo Avenue corridor.

Albany is required to update its general plan housing element to show its ability to meet its “fair share” of the region’s housing need for the next eight years, as calculated by the Association of Bay Area Governments through its Regional Housing Needs Allocation process.

Cities are assigned an allocation figure based on factors such as population size, land area, vacant land, employment growth, proximity to public transit and environmental constraints.

Albany, which has no room to expand, is looking at higher density development on San Pablo.

Courtesy of City of Albany The Albany, Calif. Planning Commission is holding a study session Wednesday, July 22, 2020 in an effort to plan revitalization and housing development projects on the city’s portion of San Pablo Avenue.

The city’s housing needs allocation for 2015-23 is 335 units, including 145 above moderate income units, 57 moderate income units, 53 low income units and 80 very low income units.

Albany must show that its housing element has sufficient zoning to meet its assessed needs.

Albany noted in an announcement:

“The responsibility for constructing housing falls to the private market and non-profit housing developers.”

The announcement continued:

“Cities are expected to assist by adopting development standards that support housing at a variety of densities, providing technical assistance and infrastructure, and adopting policies that encourage housing production, conservation, and assistance to persons with special needs.”

Meeting access and agenda details can be found online.

More details about the city’s San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan are available at www.sanpablospecificplan.org.

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