The Zakat Foundation of America will deliver roughly 35,000 pounds of fresh produce to a mosque in East Oakland this weekend to support food-insecure families.

The foundation will hold a free distribution at the Masjidul Waritheen mosque, the oldest mosque in the city. The event is intended to be an opportunity for healing amid nationwide protests against police brutality and racism and the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Google Maps The Zakat Foundation of America will hold a 35,000-pound free food distribution at the Masjidul Waritheen mosque in East Oakland, Calif. Saturday, June 20, 2020. Food-insecure families are invited to pick up fresh produce during the event aimed at “putting our common humanity above what divides us” in recent trying times of Covid-19 and social unrest.

Zakat Foundation Executive Director Halil Demir said:

“True faith is more than belief in the heart. It is to act quickly with humane empathy and mercy on behalf of the vulnerable. We want to put a little bit of love in the hearts of people.”

The Northern California Islamic Council is planning similar food distribution events throughout the state to support roughly 7,000 people facing hunger and food insecurity.

Event organizers with the Zakat Foundation plan to hold a communal prayer after the food distribution event.

Amna Mirza,  foundation Head of Marketing and Communication, said:

“This is what Zakat Foundation stands for. To truly feel connected to each other. To understand the plight of our neighbor. To feel empathy. To understand it’s our humanity that connects us. It’s putting our common humanity above what divides us.”

The food distribution will take place Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Masjidul Waritheen, located at 1700 47th Ave.

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