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Warning goes out to Fremont residents after bobcat sighting

The Fremont Police Department is advising residents to be alert and cautious after an animal they believe is a bobcat was spotted in the area of Mission Boulevard and Paseo Padre Parkway on Sunday.

A resident reported seeing the cat crossing Mission Boulevard around noon and submitted photos to the department.

Police say such sightings aren’t unusual, and noted other recent other recent reports of bobcat sightings along the Mission Boulevard corridor.

suetot/Pixabay A bobcat sighting prompted an alert by Fremont Police Department on Sunday, May 10, 2020.

Police advise residents in the hills east of Mission Boulevard too keep pets indoors and make yards less attractive by bringing in pet food and securing other small animals and chickens in their pens or cages.

The department said:

“In general, bobcats don’t pose a threat to people and larger pets. They feed on small rodents.”

Anyone seeing a bobcat is warned not to approach the animal and to call the Animal Services Division at (510) 790-6635.

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