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SMART trains begin simulated service to Larkspur station

Simulated SMART service to the new Larkspur station began Sunday, Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit announced.

The simulation means that southbound trains will drop off passengers at the San Rafael Station, and then continue without passengers to the Larkspur Station.

Northbound trains returning from Larkspur will pick up passengers at the San Rafael Station and continue to the Sonoma County Airport Station.

Simulated service, which will take place during normal service hours but not overnight, is the next step in preparing the Larkspur Station for regular service.

SMART said in a news release. The testing period will “demonstrate the operational functioning of the full system from Sonoma County Airport Station to the Larkspur Station, including confirming the timetable and completing the training of all of SMART’s crew members on the expanded territory,”

All other testing needed to open the Larkspur extension has been completed, the agency said.

Details about service expansions to Larkspur and Novato are available at

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