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Firefighter saves two fleeing residents by deploying fire shelter

A firefighter deployed his fire shelter to shield two residents fleeing the Kincade Fire on Friday evening when the blaze grew intense along the fire’s southeastern edge, Cal Fire officials said.

The firefighter came across the residents about 6:20 p.m. as they were trying to evacuate, according to a Cal Fire spokesman.

When heat from the fire suddenly grew intense, the firefighter deployed the shelter and all three took cover.

US National Interagency Fire Center Fire shelters used to protect firefighters from flames and extreme heat as a last line of defense.

The shelter device is designed to reflect radiant heat and trap breathable air. The two residents and the firefighter were able to get inside and shelter until the danger passed, Cal Fire officials said Saturday morning.

Both residents and the firefighters emerged with minor injuries and were treated at a hospital.

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