Two arrested after San Mateo vehicle arson


Two people were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of arson in the wake of a family argument that allegedly led to a San Mateo car fire in December, police said Thursday.

The case began when officers responded to reports of a car on fire in the 100 block of North Idaho Street in San Mateo at 2 a.m. on Dec. 28, according to police.

The victim said she had had an argument with her stepsister, Amber Gonser, and the stepsister’s boyfriend, Kristopher Jones, about a week previous to the fire, police said. The victim alleged Jones had been harassing her ever since.

According to surveillance video obtained by police, Jones broke the rear passenger window of the victim’s car, poured gasoline inside, then ignited the fire and quickly fled the scene, police said.

On January 8, police searched the home of Gonser and Jones in the 100 block of Fell Street in San Francisco and found a gas station nearby that had video surveillance of Gonser and Jones filling a plastic jug with gasoline just one hour before the fire, police said.

Police subsequently arrested the couple on suspicion of arson and took them to the San Mateo County jail, according to police.

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