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Vallejo police clamp down on unauthorized off-road vehicles

Vallejo police are cracking down on drivers of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles on city-owned and private properties near an Interstate Highway 80 rest area.

The use of off-highway vehicles west of the Highway 80 Hunter Hill rest area and north of Borges Lane has steadily increased, Lt. Michael Nichelini said.

Local residents are concerned about environmental damage, illegal dumping and littering, fires, property damage and noise, Nichelini said.

Riders have cut public and private fences to access the land that is posted with “No Trespassing” signs, according to Nichelini.

Vallejo’s Municipal Code prohibits operating off-highway motor vehicles on unpaved property without an owner’s permission and off-highway vehicles within 2,000 feet of a dwelling. Penal and vehicle codes also prohibit the illegal activity, Nichelini said.

Police encourage off-highway vehicle riders to use designated off-highway vehicle parks in the Bay Area. Officers will actively patrol the Hunter Hill and Borges Ranch area, and violators face a citation or an arrest, the lieutenant said.

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