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Bay Area air quality expected to degrade as 2019 begins

Air quality, which was rated as “good” in most parts of the Bay Area through most of the day Sunday, is expected to degrade somewhat to “moderate status” in the North Bay and the Santa Clara Valley by Monday, according to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

The measurements are based on readings for fine particulate matter pollution, such as that produced by wood stoves and thus primarily a problem in the winter.

Tuesday is expected to produce “moderate” air quality readings throughout the Bay Area; this will persist through Friday in the Northern and Santa Clara Valley zones. The Coast and Central Bay Zone, South Central Bay and Eastern zones are expected to register “good” readings on Wednesday, and then “moderate” readings Thursday and Friday.

For detailed descriptions of Bay Area air quality reporting zones, explanation of the color-coded Air Quality Index, current readings or other air quality information, go to

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