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Escaped bulls rumble on Fremont street

Residents of a Fremont neighborhood had an unusual sight Tuesday mornign — two belligerent bovines in a head-butting contest on their block. And that’s no bull.

Actually, there were two bulls jousting on the 200 block of Castro Lane around 9:33 a.m., residents told police.

Fremont police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques said:

“They were fighting in the middle of a residential street, hitting cars and kicking over fences. … They knocked over some planter boxes in a yard.”

The spokeswoman explained that it’s not so surprising that two bulls showed up in a Fremont residential neighborhood.

Bosques said:

“Along the Fremont hills, we have quite a bit of ranch property still, so it’s not completely unusual that every once in a while we get a call regarding livestock. … We get calls about horses and goats probably once a year.”

An animal services officer and a community service officer responded to the area, along with the owners, who police have not identified. At first, they were unsuccessful in shooing the misbehaving animals back home, Bosques said, and patrol officers were called in.

While the group was discussing what to do, the owners’ sons showed up and got the bulls to trot back home, according to Bosques.

The bulls’ owners were cited for around $100 “and they will be responsible for making repairs and paying for damage to the property owners,” Bosques said.

Neighborhood residents could not be reached for an interview, but it’s probably safe to say they’re relieved that now there’s no more bull on their block.

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