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Vineyard worker dies in tractor accident

A vineyard worker who died in a tractor accident Tuesday at a vineyard in Sonoma County was identified by the sheriff’s office as 34-year-old Franklin Palacios Carrillo of Fairfield.

Carrillo was fatally injured around 7:30 a.m. while he was cleaning mower equipment at 2340 Napa Road, according to a report Cal/OSHA received from Walsh Vineyards Management.

Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies determined Carrillo died after becoming trapped and crushed under a tiller attachment to the tractor, Sgt. Spencer Crum said.

Carrillo was trying to free vineyard wire from the tractor’s tilling tines. A worker found Carrillo dead under the tiller and called authorities.

Cal/OSHA is investigating the death. Spokesman Frank Polizzi said Cal/OSHA has six months to issue any citations for violations of workplace safety regulations.

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