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Moraga police warn of rise in credit card skimming

Police in Moraga are warning residents about a recent uptick in credit card fraud due to credit card skimming.

The Moraga Police Department has received reports from people whose credit card numbers have been skimmed and then used illegally in Southern California.

Police said in some cases, a month has passed between the time the card was used by the victim and then fraudulently used in Southern California.

Credit card skimming occurs when an illegal device is placed on the inside or outside of credit card terminal and the device collects information from the magnetic strip on the card, police said.

Suspects can then create fraudulent cards with the victim’s information.

Police said outside gas pumps are easy targets for credit card skimming because they are unattended and easily accessible.

Investigators have been working with gas stations in Moraga and physically inspecting pumps for the illicit devices.


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