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Lost child on BART reunited with parents

A man helped reunite a young boy with his parents last month after noticing the child walking erratically near the edge of the platform in South Hayward, BART reported on Monday.

The man saw the young boy, who looked to be between 8 to 12 years old, alone at the station on Feb. 28. When he saw the boy on the platform, he shouted to the child to back away from the edge.

The man continued watching the child when they boarded the same San Francisco-bound train, according to BART, and called BART police to notify them.

The child had already been reported missing.

BART police then located the child at San Leandro Station, contacted the boy’s father and drove him back to his family.

The man who reported the boy as missing told BART police that the encounter was very heartwarming and emotional.

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