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BART cameras capture alleged note-passing thief

BART police have obtained and reviewed surveillance video of an attempted robbery Saturday afternoon on a Dublin-bound train in which a suspect used a note to threaten a passenger to give up her wallet and phone, BART officials said Monday.

At 4:51 p.m. the victim told police that she was riding a train in San Francisco when someone handed her a note that said guns were pointed at her and she should give her wallet and phone to the person behind her without turning around.

After reviewing surveillance video from the train, BART officials today said the video evidence corroborates the victim’s report. The video shows the suspect sitting behind the victim, who was sitting alone.

The suspect was also alone and can be seen reaching over the victim’s shoulder, which is when the suspect may have dropped the note.

Deputy Chief Lance Haight said in the video officers can see something that could be the note in question.

Police said the passenger faked a medical emergency to attract attention to her. At least two passengers then went over to check on the victim.

After that, the suspect got up and left the train at Powell Street station in San Francisco.

BART officials said there is no indication from the video the suspect had any weapons.

Images of the suspect show her as a white woman, possibly in her 30s with long strawberry blonde hair.

The suspect is not known to BART police. Police sent a notice to other police departments to see if officers at any other departments know her.

Haight said in his 19 years of experience, nothing like this has ever happened.

Police investigators continue to process video from both inside the train and inside the Powell Street station.

Any witnesses or anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call BART police at (510) 464-7040.

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