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Asian drivers targeted in ‘hateful’ traffic sign

Caltrans was told on Sunday about a detour sign in Napa that was hacked or changed to read something hateful, a Caltrans spokesman said Friday.

Caltrans was alerted at 11:45 p.m. of the sign on state Highway 121 where the Sarco Creek Bridge Replacement Project is underway that said “Caution Asian Drivers,” spokesman Vince Jacala said.

Jacala said a driver alerted the California Highway Patrol, which notified Caltrans.

In Napa, Highway 121 is also known as Silverado Trail.

Caltrans crews responded immediately and took the sign down. Another sign was put in its place.

Jacala said:

“We don’t condone it. No one wants hate speech. If anyone alters a highway sign let us or the CHP know right away so we can take it down or put the correct information up there.”

Jacala added:

“Bogus information can be a distraction but it can also be a safety hazard.”

The agency’s policy is to lock all sign boards with a secret code, which is needed to operate the sign.


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