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Oakland marks $14M for homeless services


The Oakland City Council voted Monday night to allocate $14 million to support homeless residents, city officials said.

According to Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan, the funds will enable the city to purchase existing single-room occupancy motel properties, help people get off the streets and provide services and support.

The money will come from bond funds via Measure KK, approved last November for affordable housing projects, programs and infrastructure improvements.

“Homelessness is a growing crisis in our community,” Kaplan said in a statement, adding that she was pleased with the amount allocated.

Kaplan added:

“The Oakland City Council took an important step but the work does not stop here, and we will continue to work with the county and others to bring the services our community needs.”

A recent count of Oakland’s homeless population found that homelessness in the city is on the rise and there are currently more than 1,900 unsheltered residents, Kaplan said.

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