SF publishes deleted climate change research on city’s website


Public research on climate change that was deleted by President Trump’s administration was saved and is available on the City of San Francisco’s website, Mayor Ed Lee’s office announced today.

Lee joined mayors from 12 other U.S. cities who had the saved information published to their city’s website. Lee said in a statement:

“Deleting federal web pages does not reset the scientific consensus that climate change is real. The American people are entitled to publically-funded EPA research on climate change.”

City of Chicago officials created a website called “Climate Change is Real,” and following that Lee and 12 other mayors had their employees post climate change information to their city’s website.

San Francisco officials said the research available was conducted over decades.

Some of the cities that have the information on their website are Atlanta, Boston, St. Louis, Seattle and Portland.

On San Francisco’s website, the information is available at

The research includes the basic science behind climate change, the various ways the weather is impacted by greenhouse gas emissions and the work the federal government has done to mitigate the impact.

Officials from other cities, universities and organizations can go to to get the information and
post it to their website.

Last week, Lee and mayors from 270 cities around the country committed themselves to the Paris Accord, which President Trump pulled the U.S. out of on June 1.


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