Full tuition offered to Oakland preschoolers


A full tuition option for early childhood education programs in the Oakland Unified School District is now available, district officials said Friday.

Previously, students from families whose incomes exceeded the monthly income maximum for these programs were not able to enroll, the district said. The option was made available in response to high demand from working families, according to the district.

Danielle Winford, the district’s early childhood education enrollment coordinator, said in a statement:

“OUSD understands that integrating our classrooms with students who come from a multitude of economic backgrounds provides students with a rich educational experience.”

The new option became available February 1, the district said.

The district’s early education programs include options for part-day preschool, full-day preschool and after-school programs.

Tuition for full-day preschool is $1,200 a month, according to the district’s website. Details about this program can be found on the website.

Part-day preschool is $720 per month for September through May and $504 per month for August and June. Details are on the website.

Tuition for after-school care during the school year is $510 per month September through May, according to the website.

After-school summer care for transitional kindergarten through fifth-grade students is $995 a month in June and July and $557 a month in August.

The classrooms are staffed by educators with permits from the California Department of Education and meet all local, state and federal requirements, the district said.

The district’s early education department consists of 29 sites throughout the city offering preschool and after-school programming. The program is more than 30 years old, the district said.


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