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Richmond post office eyed for closure

The United States Postal Service is considering closing a post office in Richmond in order to consolidate retail operations, according to a USPS spokesperson.

The building at 1025 Nevin Ave. does not meet the needs of the company, and is largely underused, as it has not had carrier service for about 15 years, and only houses three employees for retail operations, according to USPS spokesman Augustine Ruiz.

Ruiz said a notice posted on the door of the facility was a preliminary step to notify the public of the company’s intentions to eventually sell the building:

“This is part of the due diligence following our procedures, and what we try to do is get public comment at a meeting before we initiate a public sale.”

Should the retail facility close, operations would be consolidated with another facility in the area.

Mayor Tom Butt’s office Wednesday¬†released a response to the notice that said the city opposed closing the postal facility, and that is was essential to the health of downtown Richmond.

City officials said they had previously dealt with the closure of a post office at 200 Broadway, and that a second post office closure would cause significant hardships to senior citizens and those with limited access to transportation or the Internet.

A public meeting to discuss the proposal will be held on a date that has not yet been determined, however comments about the proposal can be sent to Judy Low, Real Estate Specialist at USPS Facilities Office, PO Box 27497, Greensboro, NC 27498-1103. Comments must be received by Feb. 8.

City officials said opposition to close the facility should be conveyed to Congressman Mark DeSaulnier.

Additionally, Councilmember Martinez has placed at item on the Feb. 7 City Council Meeting to adopt a resolution in opposition of the closure.

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