San Francisco police step up presence around mosques in Quebec attack


Police say they’re taking measures to increase their presence around San Francisco’s mosques in response to a mass-shooting that killed six people Sunday in Quebec City, according to a statement issued Monday evening.

Officer Grace Gatpandan said:

“San Francisco pays close attention to events that happen around the world.”

When attacks like the one in Quebec City happen, Gatpandan said, the SFPD steps up their patrols around similar locations in the city in “an abundance of caution.” In the past, that’s included regularly driving by those locations and positioning officers nearby when they know that attendees will be there.

Gatpandan said:

“We don’t wait for calls to be made, we are proactive by checking on these locations routinely.”

Police said they’ve expressed their condolences to the imams of San Francisco’s mosques and offered their services in an effort to help people feel more secure.


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