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Source of rotten egg smell remain unclear

Residents of several San Francisco neighborhoods have woken up to the smell of rotten eggs over the last two days, but investigators remain at a loss for what’s causing it.

PG&E, which advises residents to call them if they smell sulfur or rotten eggs because it might indicate a gas leak, received 54 reports of the odor on Wednesday morning and 15 more Thursday, PG&E spokeswoman Teresa Jimenez said.

The odor was reported in neighborhoods throughout the city. PG&E crews responded and checked for gas leaks but couldn’t find any, Jimenez said.

Other city agencies responded as well, and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District is investigating. So far, they have been unable to explain the odor.

Despite the smell turning out to be non-hazardous so far, anyone who detects a similar odor is still encouraged to call 911 or report the odor to PG&E for investigation.

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