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Thousands of students eligible for iPads

Thousands of students in the hometown of Apple Inc. may be able to rent or pay a low price for an iPad through a program offered by the Cupertino Union School District, district officials said.

The program’s aim is to get an iPad into the hands of every student no matter the family’s income.

Parents can opt to rent an iPad for free, send their child to school with their own or buy one for $563.50, according to school district officials.

Parents who purchase an iPad will also benefit from a three-year AppleCare warranty that district officials negotiated with Apple officials.

AppleCare warranties typically do not last more than two years.

“With Apple being our neighbor, we are aware of the success students can achieve when you marry a child’s natural thirst for learning with the latest technology,” Cupertino Union School District superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz said in a statement.

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