Napa police investigate alleged assaults


Napa police confirmed Wednesday afternoon there were multiple assaults this year and last year in the weeks leading up to the “Big Game” season-ending football contest between the Napa High School Indians and the Vintage High School Crushers.

Police said the exact number of incidents, victims or offenders is not available, but it is believed the isolated assaults were a form of hazing that involved a small group of Napa High School football players as victims, witnesses and offenders.

No other Napa High School students were involved, and none of the confirmed assaults required emergency medical attention, police said in a news release.

The investigation was initiated by school staff on Nov. 19, and police released preliminary information Tuesday about the assaults.

Police said today they had to corroborate statements and facts, and since juveniles were involved, the public and the media were initially provided only foundational information about the case.

In a press release Tuesday, police said the alleged misconduct consisted of teammates assaulting other teammates by holding them down and hitting and grabbing them.

In the varsity football game on Nov. 4, Napa High School defeated Vintage High School 35-0. Napa High School is 11-1 in the Big Game with Vintage High School since 2004.

The Napa High School junior varsity football team is 4-1 against Vintage High School in the season-ending game, according to Napa High School’s website.


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