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Ed Lee floats limits on indoor pot growing

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee today introduced legislation that would require a conditional use permit for indoor agriculture including marijuana cultivation in response to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in California.

The interim zoning controls for areas zoned for light industrial uses are intended to give the city time to adopt permanent measures, officials said.

Todd Rufo, director of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, said:

“The proposed interim controls will allow the City time to study and balance the needs of our local manufacturing sector while ensuring all local industrial jobs in San Francisco continue to maintain and grow.”

Lee also issued an executive directive after the election asking departments to review and draft proposals around issues related to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act including land use, public consumption and possible changes to existing rules for medical cannabis in San Francisco.

Lee said in a statement:

“As emerging sectors get introduced to our city, we must be thoughtful and strategic on how one can co-exist with another, while safeguarding the economic diversity and vibrancy of our city and the jobs of our residents.”

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