Card skimmer targeted Mill Valley drivers


The Marin County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to be cautious of identity fraud after a credit card skimmer was found at a gas station near Mill Valley Thursday.

An alert employee at a Chevron gas station at 105 Tiburon Boulevard found that a skimmer device had been placed inside a keypad on a gas pump, according to Sgt. Mike Blasi.

The skimmer is believed to have been placed in the gas pump sometime the previous night. Deputies are currently reviewing surveillance video from the area in an attempt to identify the suspect, according to Blasi.

Skimmers are normally not visible unless the gas pump keypad is open. Using Bluetooth technology, the skimmer allows criminals to remotely capture data from a victim’s card once it has been placed inside the keypad’s card reader, sheriff’s officials said.

Although no victims have come forward to report any type of fraud, sheriff’s officials are asking residents to use caution when at the pump.

Consumers should check the condition of the gas pump before using it, making sure that a security seal has been placed on the pump and that it has not been ripped or tampered with, according to sheriff’s officials.

Additionally, consumers should avoid pumps that are out of the view of store employees, as the chances that it may have been tampered with are higher.

Some skimmers however can be placed externally, so consumers should also examine card readers looking for anything that may appear out of place, sheriff’s officials said.

Additionally, users should check their credit card or gas card statements for any irregularities or unusual charges, according to sheriff’s officials.

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