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Half a million register to vote since Sunday

With the upcoming Nov. 8 general election just two weeks away, the California Secretary of State’s office announced more than half a million Californians had registered to vote online within 48 hours leading up to Monday’s voter registration deadline.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s office received 501,206 completed online registration forms via the voter registration website since Sunday, Padilla’s office said.

On Sunday, the website received 203,836 completed registrations or updates of registrations, while on Monday, 297,370 registrations were completed online. Monday’s figure is the largest number of online voter registrations ever recorded in a single day since the website was first launched in 2012, according to Padilla’s office.

Padilla said in a statement:

“Another California voter registration record has been broken. … With over half a million voter registrations or updates in two days, it is clear that Californians are ready to vote.”

Young voters made up the majority of the registrations and updates, with people between 17 and 35 years old accounting for 58 percent of all online voter registration within the last two days before the deadline, according to Padilla’s office.

Padilla’s office said they will issue a final statewide report on the voter registration numbers next week.

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