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SFPD graduates 46 new officers

The San Francisco Police Department on Friday held a graduation ceremony for the 251st Basic/32nd Regional Academy Class, police said.

There were 46 recruits graduating from the class, four of which represent the Oakland Police Department, according to police.

There are 28 members with bachelor’s degrees, seven with associate’s degrees, one with a master’s degree and one with a Juris Doctorate degree. Fourteen members served in the military and one recruit previously served as an EMT, police said.

Several of the recruits are bilingual, and members speak languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Toisanese, Tagalog, Pampango and Visayan, according to police.

Since February 2016, the academy classes have completed 34 weeks of training. The newly sworn SFPD officers will soon begin a 16-week field-training program at various district stations.

The recruits from OPD will return to Oakland for their own respective policy and procedure training before entering a 16-week field-training program, police said.

The ceremony was held at the Scottish Rite Auditorium.

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