San Francisco mulls tolls for ‘crooked­est street’


San Francisco is┬áconsidering options for managing traffic on the famous “crooked” section of Lombard Street, including a toll or reservation system.

The crush of visitors to the popular tourist spot, which draws more visitors than Muir Woods, has caused crowded sidewalks, traffic snarls, safety hazards and problems for Russian Hill residents trying to access their homes, according to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

The agency is studying options for managing traffic in the area that could include requiring reservations or a fee to drive down the street or even closing the street to vehicles or to non-resident pedestrians and vehicles.

Other options include increased parking control officers to direct traffic and monitor parking, increased education efforts and incentives for visitors to take the cable car.

The agency presented the results of its study at a community open house at Yick Wo Elementary School Tuesday evening. Meeting materials will be posted online by Sept. 16.

Officials hope to release a final report by October or November.

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