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Four-foot alligator spotted, shot and killed in Fremont creek

State Department of Fish and Wildlife officers shot and killed a four-foot long alligator near Alameda Creek in the Fremont area Tuesday morning, according to Fremont police.

The animal was spotted near the creek at about 11 a.m. but officers were unable to reach it. Rather than let it get away, potentially putting people in danger, Fish and Wildlife spokesman Steve Gonzalez said officers decided to kill it:

“We never want to shoot an animal like this, but under the circumstance it was the right choice.”

He did not immediately know if it was an alligator or a similar animal, such as a crocodile or caiman. Fremont police identified the animal as an alligator via their Facebook page.

The approximately 4-foot animal was first reported on Monday.

Fremont police Animal Services and state wildlife officials searched the creek during the remaining daylight hours, but couldn’t find it, police said.

The search of the waterway resumed today with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office taking over.

Gonzalez wasn’t sure exactly where the animal was found Tuesday morning, but said that Fish and Wildlife officers were staging at the end of Old Canyon Road, just outside of Fremont.

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