Driver spinning donuts on Bay Bridge arrested


The driver of one of three cars spinning donuts on the Bay Bridge on Sunday afternoon was arrested when California Highway Patrol officers stopped him as he drove off the bridge, CHP officials said Monday.

The CHP first received reports about the three drivers on westbound Interstate Highway 80 at about 3:30 p.m.

A black Ford Mustang, a white Ford Mustang and a black Chevrolet Camaro, all with paper dealer plates, were weaving through traffic at 80-90 mph, nearly colliding with other cars, according to the CHP.

Once they got to the western span of the bridge past Yerba Buena Island, they stopped traffic and were doing donuts across all five lanes.

Another driver who was stopped behind them called the CHP and took photos of the sideshow on her cellphone, CHP officials said.

CHP officers responded and waited for the drivers at the end of the bridge in San Francisco. They saw the two Mustangs drive by at 3:39 p.m., followed by the woman who reported the activity, CHP officials said.

The officers pulled both cars over. One of the drivers was arrested and the other was cited and released with his car impounded, according to the CHP. Neither driver was immediately identified.

CHP San Francisco Cmdr. Christopher Sherry said in a statement:

“A recklessly driven vehicle is a deadly weapon. If one chooses to drive recklessly, they could be jailed, be fatally injured, or take someone’s life; perhaps the life of someone they love.”

Anyone with more information about the sideshow has been asked to contact CHP Officer Vu Williams at (415) 557-1094.

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