Daly City police squawk over funky chickens


Police told a man last week to remove more than 25 chickens from his Daly City apartment after a neighbor called to say the chickens were diminishing his quality of life, police said.

Officers were dispatched at 7:40 p.m. on June 16 to the 400 block of 90th Street, just west of Interstate Highway 280, on a report that some animals were causing a nuisance.

The person who called police told them his neighbor was living with more than 10 chickens and they were creating a strong odor and foul smell, according to police.

Officers told the 57-year-old chicken owner of the city’s codes regarding animals on the property, the care of animals on the property and the ban on roosters.

Officers warned the man and gave him a deadline for removing the fowl, which consisted of chickens and roosters, police said.

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