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Out­break shutters Fairfield taqueria

Solano County public and environmental health officials have closed Alejandro’s Taqueria in Fairfield after dozens of people became ill this month.

Patrons who became ill reported eating at the restaurant at 936 Texas St. between May 26 and May 29, but the bacterium may have been present days before and after that period, health officials said.

The restaurant was closed Wednesday when it was determined to be the source of the outbreak.

Solano County Deputy Health Officer Dr. Michael Stacey said in a news release:

“There have been increased reports of laboratory-confirmed campylobacteriosis since the beginning of June. So far, 32 campylobacter cases have been reported to us this month, almost double the number of reported cases we had the whole month of June 2015.”

Most cases of campylobacteriosis are associated with eating raw or undercooked poultry meat or from cross-contamination of other foods by the poultry.

Outbreaks also have been tied to eating un-pasteurized dairy products, drinking contaminated water and contact with infected dogs and cats, health officials said.

Campylobacteriosis is one of the most common causes of diarrheal illness in the country and usually occurs two to five days after exposure to the bacterium. The illness usually lasts about a week, health officials said.

Other symptoms include abdominal cramps and fever, nausea and vomiting. The illness is usually mild and some people may have no symptoms.

In people with weakened immune systems, the bacterium may spread to the bloodstream and cause serious infection, according to health officials.

Solano County public health officers are working with the California Department of Public Health to identify the source of the outbreak and prevent further cases.

Solano County Environmental Health manager Jagjinder Sahota said the restaurant was closed as a precaution during the investigation and the restaurant owners are cooperating with the investigation.

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