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‘Roach killer’ found on toys at dollar store

Cotati police said a suspicious white powder believed to be cockroach killer was sprinkled on children’s toys at a Dollar Tree store Saturday.

A customer discovered the powder and a partially empty bottle labeled “roach killer” by the toys at the store at 640 E. Cotati Ave. around 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Cotati police Chief Michael Parish said.

The discount store sells both items, Parish said.

The customer notified a store employee, who called the Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District. Responding firefighters considered the powder suspicious and called police, Parish said.

Police Officer Brandon Mitchell responded but found no fingerprints on the bottle of roach killer. The active ingredient in the roach killer is boric acid, which is mildly toxic, according to Parish.

Parish said if video from the store’s surveillance camera doesn’t show a possible suspect, the case will be closed:

“We don’t know if it was intentionally done by an adult or if a child got ahold of the bottle.”

The Dollar Tree store contracts with a hazardous materials cleanup company, which cleaned the area. The business was open again Sunday, Parish said.

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